Paper, glue, LCD TV, stand
Variable size 

2015 Tottori Geijyu Festival 2015 —Iwami Contemporary Art Exhibition 2015—
Former Iwami Hospital, Tottori, Japan

This work was inspired by one symbolic scene in the “Story of Mimi-nashi Hoichi” (in which the priest forgot to write the sutra onto Hoichi’s ears) that is included in Koizumi Yakumo’s Kwaidan collection of ghost stories. Kwaidan is a book of stories as re-written by Koizumi Yakumo, interspersed with his own interpretation of a number of scary stories that his wife, Koizumi Setsu, had told him.
I covered my entire body – except the ears – with scraps of pages from an English edition of The Story of Mimi-nashi Hoichi, and once
I was done with that, removed the scraps again and stuck them to the wall.
Here I retold the ”Story of Mimi-nashi Hoichi” through the filter of my own interpretation – not as a text but as a sculpture that highlights the absence of human beings as one of the appealing points of ghost stories in general.

Translated by Andreas Stuhlmann